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Fuck You


released March 24, 2013

Patrick Quinn, Dirt Kid Studios



all rights reserved


WEAK MINDS Lithia Springs, Georgia

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Track Name: Cynical Friends
Its going to be a cold night
My face burns from the numbing
Im Losing my eyesight
I feel the pain its growing
Scum of the earth
And lowest of the low
Arrogance and ignorance
Are the mode
What is wrong with me?
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fucccckkk
I cant tell left from right
I try to stop the shaking
Shriveled up all night
You can hear the breaking
Untill i see the day, im going nowhere
You will be consumed, by the anger
Of eternity
Track Name: Dirt
Cut the ties.
Searching for a purpose
I know im fucking worthless
I know i dont deserve it
Ill never find my purpose
I have lost the strength
sold from my mind
I should spend my time
Digging my fingers into my eyes
Track Name: Endless Hunger
The stench of sick
empty isn't teaching me
Caving in
Falling out
Eating through
I see no aspiration in the future you have paved
Choosing to enforce all the rules you choose to bend
You're like a fucking parasite feasting on my brain
Screaming and begging for this agony to end
Track Name: I Don't care
I don't care about the things that you say. I just want to get through the fucking day. Sick of all the pity attempts to get to know me and all of my friends. I don't care. I don't care. I don't want anything to do with you don't talk to me I don't talk to you. Please I want to be in solitude don't talk to me because I don't talk to you. I don't care. I don't care. I DON'T CARE.
I'm tired
Tired of being alive
Now I
will live
My own way
Track Name: Comatose
Waiting around for something to do
Tired of tv and my friends too
Opened my eyes to see gray
I might just sleep another day
Finding myself in wrong places
Constantly assaulted by judgement
I want to sleep for the rest of my life
Avoid the sun and live in the night
Im tired of wasting my time
Waiting around for something to do
Tired of tv and my friends too
Closed my eyes to see black
And thats the way it will be
Track Name: T.D.A.S.
Everywhere I go it's the same fucking time, running from my problems cause I know I can't hide. I'm lost in a daze, with no way out, searching the wrong way. You make me sick. when is it so hard to try, get off your ass hop off the free ride. I don't want. your excuses. I want your fucking absence. So I think it's best if you.stay. the fuck. away from me